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Monday, November 14, 2011


Howdy and welcome to the Surrendered Sleep blog.  Your blog comments, questions, opinions, and experiences are appreciated. Please follow the blog and share with your friends.  You can contact me personally through my email chuck@surrenderedsleep.com .   If you haven’t had an opportunity to read my book yet, you may do so by clicking the Add to Cart button below:


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  1. I highly recommend this book... I have struggled, tossed and turned and ran a very busy life. I constantly had my mind going, wishing i could turn it off... I'm just an ordinary mother, wife, employee and Christian running constantly and never turning off..lol.. Then i read this book about a month ago and not only have my sleep habits greatly improved...but I can't wait to wake up. My time, life, priorities are so much different now... Pleasant, peaceful, actually i value each moment as an opportunity... Thank you Dr. Charles Page for sharing... And your right... You can't buy wisdom... But you can sure gain a lot from reading/studying this book...

  2. Im Liking this blog...What day does the author come on? Certain time? LMK....Thanks

  3. Great perspective. Good reading. Inspirational.

  4. This is a great book ....I would like to blog with the Author..